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The 195-foot military prototype vessel, originally named M/V Susitna, is now ready to set sail as the Philippine Red Cross' main humanitarian ship. Capable of operating as both a cargo-loaded barge that can haul itself onto shore, and a twin-hulled vessel that cuts through choppy seas, the PRC humanitarian ship will be deployed as a rapid transport and landing vessel for Red Cross' emergency units for sea rescue and mass evacuation.

On average, 22 to 26 typhoons hit the Philippines every year. Its location on the Pacific Ring of Fire also makes it prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Fires, landslides, maritime accidents, and man-made disasters like armed conflicts are also commonplace. Should there be any reason for quick but continuous humanitarian relief, the PRC and its newly acquired humanitarian ship will be there to the rescue.

Fast Facts

"The ship is the realization of our vision to establish the Philippine Red Cross as the foremost humanitarian organization in the country, capable of delivering timely humanitarian services that save lives and restore the dignity of the most vulnerable." - PRC Chairman Richard Gordon

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