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Friday, 23 March 2018 10:14

Philippine Red Cross celebrates World Water Day 2018

In observance of the World Water Day 2018, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) highlights its commitment on the proper use of water resources and provides safe water in identified communities all over the country.

With this year’s theme “Nature for Water,” the PRC led by its Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Unit continuously spreads awareness on the importance of nature to overcome the water challenges in the country especially in times of emergency and disaster.

 “The Philippine Red Cross ensures proper allocation and use of water resources to provide access to clean water and sanitation facilities to disaster-affected communities even in far flung areas,” PRC Chairman Richard Gordon said.

Chairman Gordon added that the PRC has established key component elements in providing safe water supply from sources like rivers and streams, to treatment unit, to delivery and storage, up to the distribution.

 In the recent Mt. Mayon operations, the PRC already distributed 770, 000 liters of water to more than 19, 100 affected individuals. A total of 30 portalets and 15 toilets were installed in different evacuation centers and affected communities as well.

 As of February this year, the PRC successfully supported 5, 446, 000 liters of water in four major ongoing operations including the recent Mt. Mayon volcanic activities, as well as the typhoon Vinta, typhoon Urduja, and crisis in Marawi that started in 2017.

The PRC’s WASH is a specialized unit that focuses on the provision of access to safe water and basic water facilities to different communities in the country. Hygiene promotion and distribution of hygiene kits are also part of their programs.

 World Water Day is celebrated every 22nd of March. The annual event focuses on the importance of access to clean water, sanitation facilities and hygiene promotion in developing countries.

The Philippine Red Cross, as the foremost humanitarian organization in the country, has 103 chapters with two million volunteers nationwide that is always first, always ready and always there to provide round-the-clock humanitarian assistance, especially to the most vulnerable. 

Aside from disaster responses, the other services of the Philippine Red Cross include blood, safety, welfare, health, volunteer and Red Cross youth.