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Thursday, 16 February 2017 18:08

Philippine Red Cross responses to 3 major fire incidents in Manila, Quezon City and Malabon

Amid the back- to- back fire incidents that occurred in Manila, Quezon City and Malabon last week, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) continues to provide relief and welfare assistance to the affected families and communities.


On February 7, 2017, a fire incident swiftly broke out in a residential area in Parola Compound, Tondo Manila. Some 3,000 families were left homeless and an estimated number of 1,000 houses have been damaged.


PRC Operations Center with PRC Manila Chapter dispatched two tankers, a fire engine and two ambulances and dispatched 45 volunteers to help the victims. Some 2,000 individuals were provided with hot meals and 2,700 individuals were given loaf bread. Some 1,800 families were also given hygiene kits, jerry cans, plastic mats, blankets, and clothes.


Some 1,000 individuals have received slippers and 3,000 liters of clean water were distributed. To date, more than 1,000 families are staying in evacuation centers in Delpan Sports Complex and Delpan Evacuation Center.


Another fire struck a residential area made of light materials in Catmon, Malabon City. On February 8, 2017, more than 4,000 individuals were displaced left homeless.


PRC Malabon Chapter volunteers responded and dispatched an ambulance team and attended to seven  patients. PRC NHQ also mobilized its two fire trucks while Valenzuela Chapter dispatched an ambulance.


A total of 500 families are staying in the evacuation centers in Catmon Integrated School, Catmon, and Tonsuya Covered Courts.


Four days after, a total of 700 affected families with some 200 houses were damaged after a fire burnt out a residential area in Brgy. Damayan Lagi, Quezon City.


PRC Quezon City Chapter mobilized 2 ambulances, 2 fire engines, and a tanker and deployed 51 staff and volunteers to help the residents. More than 2,000 individuals were provided with hot meals and some 100 families has received relief items. To date, PRC is continuing to distribute relief materials to the families in the area.


PRC is encouraging the public to stay safe and know fire safety tips to avoid any untoward incidents.