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Residents of Barangay Muzon San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan came to participate in the second bloodletting activity of the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) and RMN Foundation last 22 May. Dubbed “Dugtong-Buhay 2023 Caravan” the blood donation drive collected a total of 78 blood units.

Earlier this year, the two organizations conducted similar activities in General Santos City and Cavite City. The co-organized blood donation activities are a testament to the PRC and RMN Foundation’s commitment to serving the public together; a commitment which they strengthened and renewed through a Memorandum of Understanding last March.

Rowena Bolivar, a consistent donor, shared her experience of how a single bag of blood saved the life of her aunt, a breast cancer patient. A unit of blood can save the lives of multiple people. According to PRC Blood Services, red cells, platelets, and plasma are among the transfusable components that can be derived from donated blood. Patients may receive a pint of whole blood or only the specific components of the blood that are required to treat their particular condition.

Apart from assisting PRC in disseminating information about its rescue, relief, and recovery activities and programs, PRC Chairman and CEO, Richard J. Gordon expressed gratitude to RMN for continuously helping the humanitarian organization raise awareness about the global need for safe blood.

PRC Secretary General Dr. Gwen Pang also extended greetings and appreciation to those who willingly showed compassion and selflessness by donating blood to save lives.

For blood donations, blood requests, and other inquiries, email the PRC National Blood Services at [email protected] or contact the PRC Blood Call Center, which may be reached nationwide by dialing 143.

PRC has been known for its commitment to save lives—and one of the ways to save life is to provide blood to someone who needs it. Holding a bloodletting event is a great way to collect blood.

Thus, this April, which is a lean month for blood donations, the Philippine Red Cross held various bloodletting activities in cooperation with Dunkin Donuts, Radio Mindanao Network Foundation and Energy FM 106.7. A total of 213 units of blood were collected from different donors.

“I am very thankful to our blood partners and donors for their continuous support for our blood programs.  Through their help, we can keep up with the increasing demand for blood. Blood is essential to life,” said PRC Chairman Richard Gordon.

PRC blood collection is a meticulous process from education and recruitment of donors, actual collection, blood testing, preparing blood products and quality assurance. This ensures that available blood is safe for transfusion.

“A blood donation by one person can save up to four lives,” said PRC National Blood Services Director Dr. Christie Monina M. Nalupta during her interview with RMN-DZXL 558.

Qualified blood donors receive a donor’s card, refreshments, small tokens and a heartfelt thank you.

The Philippine Red Cross has 89 blood service facilities all over the country. Through PRC, blood is within everybody’s reach—from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao.

For blood donations and other blood concerns, dial 143 or 790-23-00.

Philippine Red Cross

Born officially in 1947, but with roots that traces back to the revolutionary days, the Philippine Red Cross has truly become the premier humanitarian organization in the country, committed to provide quality life-saving services that protect the life and dignity especially of indigent Filipinos in vulnerable situations.

Address: 37 EDSA corner Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City 1550
Emergency Hotline: 143
Trunkline +63 2 8790 2300
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