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As of 3:00 PM on May 30, 2023, various Philippine Red Cross chapters across the nation has reported light to moderate rains including La, Union, Baguio, and Cagayan. Currently, preemptive evacuations are in effect in some areas of Cagayan and Ilocos Norte. Check out these photos to see our preparedness efforts for potential hazards like landslides, thunderstorms, and flooding.

Stay informed, follow our official page and accounts for more updates on Typhoon Betty (Mawar). Our chapters across the nation are monitoring the situation closely.

Stay safe, everyone! 💪🔴🔵 #TyphoonBetty #PhilippineRedCross #StaySafe

Residents of Barangay Muzon San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan came to participate in the second bloodletting activity of the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) and RMN Foundation last 22 May. Dubbed “Dugtong-Buhay 2023 Caravan” the blood donation drive collected a total of 78 blood units.

Earlier this year, the two organizations conducted similar activities in General Santos City and Cavite City. The co-organized blood donation activities are a testament to the PRC and RMN Foundation’s commitment to serving the public together; a commitment which they strengthened and renewed through a Memorandum of Understanding last March.

Rowena Bolivar, a consistent donor, shared her experience of how a single bag of blood saved the life of her aunt, a breast cancer patient. A unit of blood can save the lives of multiple people. According to PRC Blood Services, red cells, platelets, and plasma are among the transfusable components that can be derived from donated blood. Patients may receive a pint of whole blood or only the specific components of the blood that are required to treat their particular condition.

Apart from assisting PRC in disseminating information about its rescue, relief, and recovery activities and programs, PRC Chairman and CEO, Richard J. Gordon expressed gratitude to RMN for continuously helping the humanitarian organization raise awareness about the global need for safe blood.

PRC Secretary General Dr. Gwen Pang also extended greetings and appreciation to those who willingly showed compassion and selflessness by donating blood to save lives.

For blood donations, blood requests, and other inquiries, email the PRC National Blood Services at [email protected] or contact the PRC Blood Call Center, which may be reached nationwide by dialing 143.

The actual signing of the memorandum of agreement for the turnover of the Rotary’s 270 donated wheelchairs to the PRC happened last 25 May, 2023 at the PRC National Headquarters in Mandaluyong. 

The donated wheelchairs will be distributed to numerous people with mobility impairments in the country to help them cope with their health conditions. The beneficiaries will be identified and assessed by the PRC and  Rotary Club members. 

“I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to the Rotary for giving us 270 wheelchairs to be distributed for our beneficiaries around the country. Malaking tulong ito upang bigyan sila ng saya at pag-asa sa buhay. The MOA signing between the two organizations today proves that we remain their partner of choice. Just like the Rotary’s mission to create lasting change in the world, the PRC is also committed to make this world a better place for all,” said PRC Chairman and CEO Richard Gordon. 

PRC’s Secretary General, Dr. Gwen Pang, also expressed her gratitude to the Rotary, “Being a member of the Rotary Club of Manila 101 and PRC’s current Secretary General,  I’m so proud and elated to be able to witness the strengthened partnership between my two beloved organizations. Maraming salamat, Rotary sa pagsuporta sa Philippine Red Cross noon at ngayon.” 

The Rotary is a network of 1.4 million passionate people from around the world aiming to use their skills, energy, and intelligence to take action in various sustainable projects. Since 2006, the Rotary has been able to provide various assistance to the PRC and its chapters: monetary assistance for typhoon survivors, vehicle donations used for crisis situations, emergency equipment, and blood donation campaigns, to name a few. 

“One of the most courageous acts is self-identification, where you acknowledge your true self, comprehend your core beliefs, and envision the path you want to pursue. In the Red Cross Youth, we empower future leaders. I encourage Red Cross volunteers to always make our presence felt positively. It’s not enough that we do something; we must do things with a positive impact.

I salute Rojan, Jeslan and Nicole, and I am proud of them because as Red Cross Youth they have shown self worth and self confidence and it helped them get to PMA, where they excelled and became the true leaders we have always known them to be.”

These extraordinary individuals have demonstrated unwavering dedication and determination as members of the Red Cross Youth. Their commitment has paved the way for their success at the PMA, where they have excelled and emerged as the true leaders we have always known them to be.

As Red Cross volunteers, you have the power to make a positive impact on the lives of others. It’s not just about doing something; it’s about ensuring that our presence is felt in a way that uplifts and inspires those around us.
Be part of the Red Cross Youth and be part of an environment where future leaders can thrive. Email [email protected] today to know more!

Manila, Philippines – In recognition of the invaluable role played by emergency medical services in saving lives and promoting public health, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) is one with the entire world in commemorating the week of May 21 to 27, 2023, as Emergency Medical Services Week. This commemoration aims to highlight the importance of emergency medical services and honor the dedication and commitment of the PRC’s emergency medical services teams across the nation.

PRC Chairman Richard J. Gordon emphasized the significance of Emergency Medical Services Week and the vital role played by the PRC’s emergency medical services teams. Chairman Gordon stated, “Emergency medical services are the lifeline for those in critical need of immediate medical attention. The PRC’s dedicated and highly skilled teams work tirelessly to ensure that no life is lost due to lack of timely care. During this commemorative week, we honor their commitment and recognize the importance of equipping ourselves with life-saving skills. Together, let us build a nation where every individual is prepared to respond to emergencies and contribute to the well-being of our communities.” Chairman Gordon’s words reflect the PRC’s unwavering dedication to public service and their mission to alleviate human suffering in times of crisis.

Emergency medical services are a critical component of public healthcare, providing vital care to individuals in times of medical emergencies. The dedicated members of the PRC’s emergency medical services teams stand ready to deliver life-saving assistance around the clock, seven days a week. Their presence and expertise significantly improve the chances of survival and recovery for those who experience sudden illnesses or injuries.

In the first five months of 2023, the PRC’s EMS has attended to an impressive number of patients, catering to 13,210 individuals in need. Additionally, PRC’s ambulance transport services have been provided to 2,052 patients. Notably, from May 1 to 21 alone, the PRC has rendered free ambulance services to 94 patients, ensuring that those who require urgent medical attention can receive prompt and reliable assistance.

PRC has made significant strides in educating and empowering communities with life-saving skills. Since January 1, the organization has successfully trained 45,385 first aiders nationwide. With this initiative, the PRC encourages everyone to acquire training in First Aid and Basic Life Support, enabling them to effectively respond to emergencies and potentially save lives.

PRC Secretary General Dr. Gwendolyn T. Pang also expressed her appreciation for the efforts of the emergency medical services teams and stressed the importance of their work. Dr. Pang stated, “Emergency medical services are the frontline responders who provide critical care and support to those in need during emergencies. They play a vital role in saving lives and ensuring the well-being of individuals in distress. As we commemorate Emergency Medical Services Week, we extend our gratitude to our dedicated teams for their unwavering commitment and selfless service. We encourage everyone to recognize the value of emergency medical services and to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills to respond effectively during emergencies. Together, we can create a safer and more resilient society.” Dr. Pang’s words highlight the PRC’s commitment to fostering a culture of preparedness and empowering individuals to contribute to emergency response efforts.

From May 17 to 19, Philippine Red Cross Secretary General Dr. Gwen Pang represented the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) at the United Nations High-Level Meeting of the Midterm Review for the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR) in New York where she discussed the importance of integrating community stakeholders’ perspective in all stages and levels of Early Warning System and Early Action Protocols. 

Dr. Pang explained that PRC’s network of volunteers across the country enables the organization to better understand each community’s needs in the face of hazards. Through involving the community in the planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating processes and PRC’s global tools, the PRC’s Early Warning System and Early Action Protocols — which are crucial in reducing the impact of impending disaster threats — are not only ‘people-centered’ but also ‘people-designed’. 

During the discourse, Dr. Pang mentioned the inclusivity of the PRC’s Early Warning System and Early Action Protocols. She elucidated that this system and protocol extend to people with disabilities, migrants, and indigenous groups. The PRC incorporates colors and sounds (visual and audible signals) in its alert system to communicate danger and necessary actions to people with specific needs. The PRC also utilizes the combined forces of modern technology and indigenous knowledge to address the needs of people with insufficient knowledge of and access to technology. 

Moreover, communities expressed concerns about their lives, their families as well as the impact of disaster shock on their livelihoods and properties. Dr. Pang expounded on the role of the Early Warning System and Early Action Protocols in these areas of concern, adding that these provide time for communities to early harvest their crops, relocate livestock, or move their small businesses with them. 

“Empowering people with safety responsibilities is crucial. We cannot be there for them all the time or as a disaster happens. But we can equip them with what they need to survive. And they can take the lead because when it comes to their own communities, they know better than us. We just have to be there, guide them, and put in place mechanisms that will really help them. Early warning alone will not be enough, we must support them with early action mechanisms,” Dr. Pang said.

She concluded her participation by saying that Early Warning System and Early Action Protocols can be game changers if all leaders will work together and when community engagement is ensured in every step. 

The Midterm Review of the SFDRR provides a crucial platform for governments, organizations, and communities worldwide to evaluate the progress made in implementing the framework’s objectives since its adoption in 2015. By convening esteemed stakeholders and decision-makers, this conference aims to strengthen global commitments and collaboration towards reducing disaster risks and building resilient communities.

Watch the whole speech and dialogue here:

Mandaluyong City, May 19 – In the face of chaos and adversity, a shining beacon of honesty emerged during a recent fire response in Old Zaniga. Rommel Barroga, a dedicated volunteer fire responder from the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), displayed an exceptional act of integrity that has captured the hearts of many.

On May 16, 2023, as flames engulfed the area, Rommel stumbled upon a significant sum of money amidst the turmoil. Rather than succumbing to temptation, he immediately recognized the importance of doing what was right. Without hesitation, Rommel ensured the money was returned to its rightful owner, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to honesty.

PRC Chairman and CEO Richard J. Gordon expressed his pride and appreciation for Rommel’s remarkable display of character. He stated, “Rommel Barroga’s act of integrity serves as a shining example for all. In the midst of a chaotic situation, his selflessness and honesty prevailed. We commend him for embodying the values that the Philippine Red Cross upholds.”

Chairman Gordon further emphasized the significance of integrity during emergencies, stating, “In times of crisis, it is more crucial than ever to maintain our ethical standards. Rommel’s actions remind us that honesty and integrity should remain unwavering, even amidst chaos. We are proud to have such dedicated volunteers within the Philippine Red Cross, who inspire others with their noble acts.”

The inspiring incident has not only highlighted the exceptional character of Rommel Barroga but has also reaffirmed the values that the Philippine Red Cross stands for. The organization remains committed to fostering a culture of trust and integrity in all its endeavors.

PH Red Cross Secretary General Dr. Gwen Pang to speak at the UN High-Level Meeting of the Midterm Review for the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction in New York

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) Secretary General, Dr. Gwen Pang will represent the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to the United Nations, to speak at the High-Level Meeting of the Midterm Review of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR). The event is scheduled to take place at the United Nations in New York from May 17th to 19th, 2023.

Dr. Pang’s extensive experience and rich insights will bring significant value to the UN’s high-level meeting, further enhancing the global discourse on disaster risk reduction.

“The IFRC and the PRC’s engagement at the High-level Meeting aims to demonstrate our strong policy experience in disaster risk reduction, highlight our programmatic expertise at the local and national levels, position our climate-smart disaster risk reduction work, and strengthen partnerships for funding and collaboration, and how we prioritize people-centered approaches, risk-informed decision-making, investment in preparedness and response, and action at the local level,” stated Dr. Pang. “I am honored to join the IFRC delegation and have the opportunity to share the PRC’s experience and analysis as we continue to contribute to the targets of the SFDRR by 2030” Pang added.

In particular, Dr. Pang will be speaking on the topics of Early Warnings for All – Closing the gap and scaling up good practices and Working with nature for Resilience on two separate occasions, May 19 and May 20 (Manila Time).

The Midterm Review of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction provides a crucial platform for governments, organizations, and communities worldwide to evaluate the progress made in implementing the framework’s objectives since its adoption in 2015. By convening esteemed stakeholders and decision-makers, this conference aims to strengthen global commitments and collaboration towards reducing disaster risks and building resilient communities.

The Philippine Red Cross, as a leading member of the IFRC, has been at the forefront of disaster management and humanitarian response. Through their tireless efforts, they have enhanced community preparedness, conducted comprehensive risk assessments, and implemented effective early warning systems in the face of various natural hazards. Their commitment to the principles of the SFDRR aligns according with the conference’s objectives.

The SFDRR is a global agreement adopted by the United Nations member states in 2015. It outlines seven global targets and four priorities for action to reduce the risk of disasters and build resilience to their impact. The framework aims to guide governments, organizations, and communities in their efforts to prevent new and reduce existing disaster risks.

The Turkish Ambassador to the Philippines Niyazi Eyren Akyol earlier made a request to the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) for assistance in the donation efforts for the earthquake-stricken country. In response to this request, the PRC resolutely appealed to Filipinos to help the Turkish survivors. PRC Chairman and CEO and former Senator Richard J. Gordon personally appealed to his former colleagues at the Senate to donate to Türkiye.

On 07 March, the Senate of the Philippines, led by Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri, responded to the call and donated Php2.5 million to aid the people affected by the earthquake in Türkiye. The senators used their personal resources and chose to course their donations through the PRC. Gordon received the check at a turnover ceremony at the Senate.

“Any form of donations to Türkiye is critical, especially during this time as the country is still experiencing winter conditions. We will immediately turn over the donation of the Senate of the Philippines to the Turkish Red Crescent to help aid our sisters and brothers in Türkiye. Our collective effort to send help is an important gesture to show our solidarity and sympathy to the people of Türkiye,” said Gordon.

On 06 March, the PRC shipped the 100 generators donated by SM Foundation to Türkiye. The SM Foundation also sent their Php5 million donation to Türkiye-Syria through the PRC.

On 15 February, the House of Representatives also sought the assistance of the PRC to send their Php10 million donation to Türkiye; the amount is much larger than the senators’ donation, as the House has more members than the Senate.

The PRC donated US$100,000 each to Türkiye and Syria immediately after impact and shipped almost 300 winter tents to Türkiye.

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) is exerting all efforts to overcome logistical barriers and will send more humanitarian aid to Türkiye and Syria anytime this week, barring any logistical, or shipping, issues, according to PRC Chairman and CEO Richard J. Gordon.

Gordon shared that the premier humanitarian organization in the country will send around 1,000 sleeping kits, 200 generator sets, and 150 portable toilets to people affected by the earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria.

Gordon added that Filipinos demonstrate compassion to those in need even when they themselves are in need. The PRC is currently responding to people affected by the earthquake in Davao De Oro.

“The Filipinos are not mere spectators. When others are hurting, we should help – that is the Filipino way,” Gordon said. He shared that as a member of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the PRC has donated more than US$3 million to other countries’ disaster responses over the years.

Earlier this month, PRC sent $US100,000 each to Türkiye and Syria to help with rescue and relief operations. PRC sent almost 300 winter tents to Türkiye, Gordon added.

Immediately after the earthquake struck Türkiye and Syria, Gordon started asking his personal friends to donate through the PRC. The PRC also launched an appeal to the public for donations. Metrobank, BPI, PNB, PBCom, Land Bank, BDO, Security Bank, AUB, and UnionBank are accepting donations on behalf of the PRC.

The embassies of Türkiye and Syria have designated the PRC as a collection point for in-kind donations.

To know how to donate to people affected by the earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria, go to

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